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REESE (Noriko), SKY (Noriko) MILLIE (Noriko), KRISTEN (Jon Renau), CLAIRE (noriko), JENNY (Jon Renau)

I was simply taking some pics this morning to incorporate into various blogs and decided to make this a blog of blonde shades from Noriko and Jon Renau. This became a possible “theme” that worked out quite nicely. These blondes are 12FS8 by Jon Renau… Read More

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JACKSON by Noriko


Shown here in BUTTER PECAN – R

I like the Jackson wig. It’s a great style. In the picture shown I had a slight bang cut into it.
You can get the Jackson for a very good price online . Sometimes it sells for a couple of hundred but quite often you can get it for a little over a hundred dollars.
Again, like many Noriko wigs, there is nothing fancy in the cap construction, but you are dealing with a company that has been making wigs for 30 years and in that you get –
a) a great fitting wig here
b) excellent wig fibre
c) excellent realistic color blends (the butter pecan is very very nice)
d) styles that hold their shape.

I talk to many women who purchase wigs and this quite often comes up as a standard wig in the inexpensive but good category.

It does have some natural lift built into it in what we call permatease, but it works to give this wig it’s style. You might say it’s a bit Jennifer Annistonish in it’s style and even this color is quite close to that.

I enjoy this wig. It is one of my standards. If it had a lace front it would be a perfect wig..but for the price, hard to beat.

It does wear over time as all synthetics do, but I did get my dollar out of this wig.

Shown here by another wearer in STRAWBERRY SWIRLajacksontwo
AND LASTLY IN NUTMEG..ajacksonfive

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REESE by Noriko

REESE by Noriko

This is the Reese by Noriko in color mochachino. For a woman who is normally a blonde I loved this light brown wig with highlights in it.
The style was just adorable with it’s layers everywhere. Noriko wigs have the best hair fibre for touch than most wig companies in my opinion. They have been making wigs for 30 years now and are one of the top brands. Let’s just say they know what they are doing.
The great thing about their wigs is you get them out the box and they are ready to go. You can wash them..shake them out and the style is right there back in place.
There is nothing fancy on this wig about the wig construction . No lace front. No monotop (which are great).. but for the price – you can pick one of these wigs up for a little over one hundred dollars, you can’t beat the quality.
Here is how they wear over time. I find the Noriko wigs..get curly in little strands go into these strange spirals. As well they eventually get dry on the ends.. I am a very active woman so I tend to wash any wig frequently which gives me a good view on how wigs wear. THEY ALL WeAR OUT..these synthetic wigs. I did however wear this one for a good seven weeks before it’s retirement.